Driving Records

If you have been charged with a traffic or municipal violation we may
be able to help you. For most charges, it is wise to retain an attorney.
Facing criminal charges without an experienced attorney to defend you,
can put you at a significant disadvantage. 

In addition to possible jail time, the damage to your record could be devastating, costly and irreversible.     

Timely action is critical. We may be able to help with actions early in
your case that may be impossible or much more difficult to accomplish later.

Contact us now.  Ankrom & Ankrom's Bolivar Ticket Center offers you complete legal assistance whether you have been in a traffic-related accident or have lost your license. 

For an appointment to talk to Ankrom and Ankrom about your case or for a quote for our services, please call 417-326-8756 or 417-886-8883.

Or email us at jesse@ankromandankrom.com or complete the request

for contact box on this site. 

Credit cards are accepted and, in certain cases, payment plans are available. 


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